Announcements- 9/5


Math academic lab will be held every Monday from 3:40-4:30.


The Volunteer Center of the Lehigh Valley dropped off a couple of boxes to solicit donations to support deployed troops, new recruits, veterans, and first responders.  They provided a specific list of items and sign sheets for students participating. See advisors for more details.


Reminder: blue cans in classrooms are ONLY to be used for recycling cans, plastic bottles and glass bottles and jars. They are NOT to be used for trash.

Happy Birthday!


  • Izarael Perez

  • Haronid Reyes

  • Aishah Randolph


  • Miguel Gonzalez

  • Jazmin Vasquez Gonzalez

Punny Joke of the Day:

I, for one, love Roman numerals.