Announcements- 9/26


This month’s incentive will be candy! In order to be eligible you must have 3 or less infractions, 2 or less absences, and 25% or less missing work.

A few Random Shout-Outs:

  • To Raul Ramos: I think you're just swell. It's been great having you contribute to conversations in class and seeing you work with other students in our class. I love how you focus other students and are a role model and a beacon of a good student for them to follow.

  • To Candi Molina: Candi is always willing to participate, is a great writer, and puts forth consistent effort.

Happy Birthday!

  • Amia Andino

  • Camille Brown

Punny Joke of the Day:

My math teacher called me average! How mean!